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The Training and Development Team creates an environment that encourages creativity, resilience, and positive engagement. With an unwavering dedication to continuous learning and collaboration, we seek diverse perspectives to drive meaningful progress. With connection, humor, and expertise, we strive to deliver impactful learning experiences that empower employees at the University of Utah to thrive personally and professionally.

Meet The Team - Amy Emrazian

Amy Emrazian

Amy is passionate about Human Resources and has worked 17 years at the University of Utah.  When she is not overseeing the strategic direction of the department, you will find her creating new content, connecting with leaders to help them develop their skills, and managing department requests for training and retreats. In her capacity as the Associate Director of Training and Development, she supervises her remarkable team as they cultivate an environment that fosters continuous learning. Amy holds a Masters in Professional Communication from Westminster College and a B.S. in Human Resource Training and Development with a Corporate Training emphasis from Idaho State University. She cherishes the mountains, enjoys singing, cooking, and values spending quality time with her family. 

Crystal Cory

Crystal is energized by supporting people in their growth and development and has worked at the University of Utah for 5 years. If she is not delivering a training, you will find her creating new content, collaborating with people, and dreaming of new ways to making trainings more engaging. In her role as a Training and Development Specialist, she oversees the HR certificates, manager development, and departmental requests for training and retreats. Crystal has a Masters in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Slippery Rock University and a B.S. in Human Services from Purdue University. She loves spending time with her partner and cats, as well as cooking and playing pinball. 

Meet The Team - Corrie Grint

Corrie Grint

As a student and employee at the University of Utah, Corrie discovered a love for adult learning. After ten years working in the math department, she joined the training and development team. With her Bachelors in Mathematics, Corrie blends her creativity with analytical and problem-solving skills, designing engaging and effective training content. Her passion for learning and development is evident in all her endeavors. In addition to content development, Corrie is the Bridge Boss and manages the campus LMS. Outside of work, you'll often find Corrie going on adventures in the serene Uintah Mountains with her family and dog Max, curled up reading a great book, or cooking something delicious. 


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